Auto Glass Technicians

With how-to kits for auto glass replacements at department stores, what is the importance of going to have your vehicle serviced? The truth is, it makes a huge difference as auto glass technicians are trained and certified. When you work with technicians that have the knowledge and experience, your vehicle is then in good hands.

They are taught the specifics of how to install and replace auto glass. With damages to your windshield, you could be putting your passengers and you at risk when on the road. If you do not reach out to certified technicians to fix the problem, the problem may get bigger.

Learn about the training and methods that auto glass technicians go to before repairing and replacing your auto glass so that you understand the necessity of their experience.

Extensive Training

Before becoming an auto glass technician, potential students must obtain their high school diploma or their GED. They are then able to apply for an apprenticeship, duration of 1-2 years, which provides extensive training for industry specific skills and standards. This includes safety regulations, repairing heater grids, the process of removing and installing glass, and the detailing of vehicles. With the amount of hands-on training they obtain, they have the necessary experience to perfect their skills before advancing to the workplace.

Installing Auto Glass

Auto glass technicians deal mostly with repairing or replacing auto glass, whether this be windshields or car windows. Since they are highly trained in this area, many insurance companies will cover the costs associated as long as the technician is a certified professional. Their training and experience makes them qualified to do the job. Thus, when you are looking for a replacement or repair, finding a certified auto glass technician will help you in saving money.

Weatherproofing your Auto Glass

When it comes to withstanding any type of weather condition, ensuring that your car is weatherproofed is important. Technicians are trained to complete a chemical treatment onto your auto glass to protect it from any rain or snow damage. This is important especially in cities such as Brampton, where the weather is constantly changing.

Looking for auto glass services? Find one of our certified auto glass technicians to do any replacements or repairs for your broken windshields today.

Cracked Windshield

Common Causes of Windshield Cracks

Windshields are one of the most important components of a car. Their function goes beyond being a transparent barrier between the road and you- they assist with airbag function, passenger protection, and protect you from harmful sun rays.

Cracked Windshield

When they are damaged or cracked, they are unable to assist in the aforementioned functions and they actually pose as a danger for both drivers and passengers. This can result in more significant accidents on the road, glass shards hurting those in the vehicle, and without assistance in airbag deployment, it creates more of a threat if a crash were to occur. This showcases how important it is to get your windshield repaired as soon as it is damaged.

Keep reading to learn some of the common causes of these windshield cracks and take note of them so  if you are in these situations, you know to check your windshield thoroughly afterwards.

Hail Storms

Although hail storms are not a common occurrence, they do happen a couple times a year. Hail can range from small droplets to the size of a coin. Even droplets the size of half a nickel can have substantial damage to your windshield, which may lead to serious cracks. When these storms happen, the best way to avoid windshield damages is to put your car underneath a shelter or a garage.

High Winds

Small winds may not affect your vehicle as they are built to withstand strong weather conditions but strong winds of 90 km/h can pick up debris and dust that can have serious impacts on your windshield. With an experience like recently, where the wind was breaking down trees, it is an expected situation. Ensure you check your vehicle after the wind passes and even if there are small damages, getting a repair or replacement is beneficial to your safety.

Summer Temperatures

On the other hand, as we transition to warmer months, the sunlight and heat can also have effects on your windshield. In 30-40 degrees weather, it is common to have glass defects as the heat will cause the glass edges to expand. They start cracking from the frame and begin to damage more towards the centre if not changed immediately.

Previous Installation

The last common cause is due to faulty installations done previously. Depending on the service you get, you might have a technician-in-training who ordered the wrong windshield or neglected to ensure the glass was secured by the framework. To prevent this issue, the best way is to look for reputable and experienced services that will provide excellent service.

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3 Ways To Steer Clear Of Windshield Repairs

If you live in the GTA, you may notice that it has become increasingly difficult to get around the city without a vehicle. As a result, it is crucial to ensure that your vehicle is well maintained all year round so that you never have to go without a reliable source of transportation.

However, with your own vehicle comes great responsibility. Beyond keeping an eye on your vehicle’s fluid levels, batteries, and tires, you must also be mindful about the condition of your windshield. Though automotive glass is designed with durable materials to keep you and your passengers safe, often times it can also become damaged, making it a hazardous for not only you, but others on the road. As a result, we recommend scheduling a windshield repair or replacement at your earliest convenience with reliable technicians you trust–like ours at Wizard–should you fall victim to auto glass damages.

Interested to learn how you can steer clear of potential windshield damages? Keep reading for tips:

Maintain A Safe Distance

When on the road, you always want to ensure that you are maintaining a safe distance between your vehicle and the other vehicles on the road. A good rule of thumb is to leave enough room for 2-3 cars to fit in. This precautionary measure can not only spare your windshield from unnecessary damages (including falling snow and flying debris), it’s will also help you steer clear of potential accidents should the car in front of you break down or fall victim to an accident of their own.

Change Your Windshield Wipers Regularly

As one of the most commonly used components of your car, windshield wipers should be replaced regularly to ensure clarity when driving. Depending on the time of year, your local weather conditions could affect the wipers’ longevity. While in the summer, the extreme heat and UV rays can cause the rubber in your wipers to become brittle and crack, stubborn ice stuck to your wipers in the winter can weaken the strength and life expectancy of your windshield as it applies more pressure and strain than usual. As a result, we recommend replacing your wipers every 6 months and keeping an eye on the condition on your wipers for maximum safety on the roads.

Park Indoors

Just as how the weather takes a toll on the longevity and reliability of your wipers and windshield, falling and rising temperatures outdoors can also contribute to windshield damages. As a result, we recommend parking your vehicle indoors or in a garage as often as possible. Whether it be the summer or the winter, it is important to spare your windshield from unnecessary stress to avoid potential damages that compromise the safety of you and your passengers.

Need help repairing or replacing your damaged auto glass in the GTA? Our team of at Wizard has the knowledge and experience to help. Give us a call at (416) 258-0110 today or visit our website to schedule an appointment for your windshield repair.

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4 Crucial Factors to Consider in Windshield Repairs

Having a crack or chip in your windshield can be highly dangerous for multiple reasons. Not only can it impair your view of the road, but in the event of an accident, the glass can shatter and endanger everyone inside the vehicle.

If you’ve noticed any cracks or chips in your windshield, call Wizard Auto Glass in Toronto to learn about our windshield repair cost and get a free quote. Our auto glass repair experts can fix your windshield and make sure you can get back on the roads as soon as possible.

Keep reading below to learn 4 essential factors you need to consider for a windshield repair.

Leave Auto Glass Repair to the Experts

As a professional  auto glass repair company, we know just how dangerous it can be when you try to repair your auto glass without the right equipment. It’s very important that you do not attempt to repair your vehicle’s auto glass yourself, as you could potentially cause more damage leading to larger costs than a repair would cost in the first place. With this in mind, it’s best trust the experts at Wizard Auto Glass to handle the repairment for you so you can stay safe and save.

Don’t Take The Easy Way Out

When chips or cracks are found on a vehicle’s auto glass, an urethane adhesive is used to seal the glass back up. The best urethane adhesives cost a bit more on the market, but they are absolutely certified to meet crash test criteria and they offer much faster safe drive-away times.

Some auto glass repair shops use cheap auto glass that doesn’t meet the industry safety standards. At Wizard Auto Glass, not only do we have one of the most affordable windshield repair costs in Toronto, we also only use the highest quality aftermarket auto glass replacements; it costs less than the manufacturer’s, yet it is just as good or even better.

Don’t ever take the easy way out on your safety – bring your car to Wizard for the best windshield repair cost and top quality auto glass repairs.

Go to Someone You Trust

You should know who you are dealing with when getting auto glass repair. It’s best if you ask your friends and family, or even your insurance provider, to point you to a trusted expert. Aim to find a repair service that is an established, community oriented, local Toronto businesses with good reputation.

Your Windshield Is A Safety Feature

If your windshield needs a repair, it’s important that you don’t delay getting it services. Your windshield keeps you and your passengers safe, as it’s your very first line of defense. Therefore, it’s very important to use the correct materials and install the auto glass properly as soon as possible, ensuring that your car’s windshield remains a viable safety feature

Have you noticed any chips or cracks in your windshield? Call Wizard Auto Glass in Toronto at (416) 258-0110 today to learn more about our windshield repair cost.

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4 Winter Maintenance Tasks to Check Off Your To Do List

As winter takes its toll across Canada, it’s important that you and your car are prepared for the long season ahead. Along with shorter days and frigid temperatures, winter also brings along dangerous driving conditions that can take even the most experienced drivers for a spin. Road hazards like black ice, heavy snow, blizzards, whiteouts, and freezing rain are just a few examples of potential accidents waiting to happen.

Frigid winter temperatures also increase the risk of windshield chips and cracks causing serious damage, so it’s important to repair your windshield as soon as possible so your vehicle is ready to face the harsh Canadian winter. At Wizard Auto Glass in Mississauga, you’re safety is our top priority which is why offer 24/7 and mobile service at no extra cost.

Keep reading to learn more maintenance tips to prepare your vehicle for hazardous road conditions.

Winter Inspection

Similar to how people go in for an annual physical, cars have to go in for annual maintenance. Especially at the beginning of winter, it’s important to have your car inspected to ensure everything is up to par, including your windshield. A winter inspection focuses on the components that are more likely to break down in the winter and those that are most vital to you during that time.

This helps to prevent breakdowns during the winter so that you’re not stuck waiting for repairs in snowstorms or frigid temperatures, and also ensures that everything is in working order to avoid dangerous situations, like malfunctioning breaks on black ice.

Refill Windshield Fluid

Make sure to not use the same fluid you were using in the summer, you need something that is graded for winter weather so it doesn’t freeze in the reservoir. It is recommended for you to keep a spare jug in your trunk just in case you run out when you’re on the road.

Winter Tires

While all-season tires may seem good enough for winter, it’s recommended that you invest in a full set of proper winter tires. Especially if you live further north or in other areas where heavy snowfall and other winter conditions are particularly hazardous, it’s important that you have good winter tires to make maneuvering the roads easier. However, even if you don’t get heavy snowfall in your area, it’s important to install a set of winter tires, as all-seasons will start losing grip once temperatures reach just 10 degrees celsius.

Have an Emergency Kit Handy

While it’s important to have an emergency kit in your car year-round, it is especially crucial to have one on hand in the winter when accidents are more prone to happen. Emergency kits should include: non-perishable food, blankets, antifreeze, extra clothing, a first-aid kit, water bottles, and a small shovel if possible. These can be made yourself, or can be purchased already put together.

Canadian winters can be particularly tough on drivers, so it’s important to be prepared. If you notice any cracks or chips in your windshield, it’s important to get them replaced while winter is young. Call Wizard Auto Glass in Mississauga at (905) 891-1414 for 24/7 windshield replacement and repairs.

Repairing Windshield Chips & Cracks with Auto Glass Wizard

It’s always the best decision to repair a tiny crack or chip on your windshield before it has the chance to grow into a larger crack or chip that could eventually require a complete auto glass replacement.  Especially during this time of the year, when the temperature is fluctuating between warm, cold and Winter is on its way. These fluctuating temperatures contract and expand your windshield, so that tiny chip could become a giant crack overnight.

Take a second and imagine yourself driving down the  highway and a tiny rock strikes your car windshield. It’s a little annoying if it left a mark, but it’s not affecting your field of vision, so no need to worry right? Wrong. Left untreated, what may have been a minor repair costing possibly less than $50 could become major damage which would require a full on windshield replacement costing you a couple hundred extra. Save money by being diligent about windshield damages!

Keep reading to learn more about our process.

What size of a chip or crack in a windshield is too big to repair?

Windshield repair technology is rapidly advancing, and the ability to repair larger sized chips or  longer cracks changes often and can vary depending on depth and placement of the cip or crack on your windshield. Generally speaking, any chips that are smaller than a quarter, and cracks up to five inches long can be completely repaired.

If the damage is deeper than the first layer of glass on the windshield and reaches the inner layer of glass it may be too deep to complete the windshield repair, and may require a replacement.

However, if any of the following scenarios apply, you are looking at a replacement rather than a repair.

  • the chip or crack on your windshield is directly in your line of sight;
  • there are more than three cracks or chips on the glass;
  • the damage is at the edge of the windshield or;
  • the windshield is old and covered with tiny dings

How do we fix windshields?

The first step is to clean up the  cracked or chipped area, and clear any loose glass out of the way. Then, one of our professional auto glass technicians will drill a hole into the glass to assure that there is flow  of resin between the two layers of glass that makes up the most important components of the windshield.

Next, they will insert an injector tool directly to the glass and resin will be added to seal the crack/chip to ensure that any particles can’t get in between the layers of glass. After being inserted, resin is cured and polished to provide a better clarity and strength to the fixed glass.

How long does the windshield repair process take?

Based on our professional experience it should usually take less than an hour and it can be as quick as 30 minutes.

Don’t hesitate and get your auto glass repaired same day with Wizard Auto Glass in Mississauga. Call (905) 564-5330 to get back on the roads quickly and safely – today!

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Easy Methods to Protect Your Windshield During Fall

A car’s windshield is equipped with safety features to ensure a safe and smooth drive. Firstly, it provides you and the passengers safety from extreme weather conditions and insects on the road. Secondly, it provides a firm stability to the body frame of your car. As on average, you drive 4 times a day and encounter many potentially risky road and weather conditions, it’s up to your windshield to offer maximum protection and a clear view of the road. Here’s how you can ensure that it stays in tip-top shape, including proper cleaning and a windshield repair.

Cleaning and Wipers

When cleaning your windshield and wipers, it’s important to not use any chemical heavy cleaner. Acidic products such as ammonia-based chemicals applied on the windshield may damage the window tint.

Before you begin the cleaning process, you must thoroughly inspect the windshield for any visible damages. It is also recommended to check for any external damages on the windshield wiper. As your wipers often apply contact on your windshield, it may lead to many unnecessary scratches if the wipers are not functioning the way they’re supposed to.

Easy ways to protect your windshield

There are many things that we have no control over, such as the unexpected weather conditions in which you may be required to drive under. However we can do things that can protect our windshield when we encounter such situations.

For instance, the vibration caused by slamming your car door can have a negative effect as it can loosen the window over time and you may end up getting it cracked if this happens repeatedly, so avoid banging doors.

You should also keep a safe distance between the car in front of you. In the event that a rock chip comes in touch with your vehicle, get your windshield repaired as soon as possible by local windshield repair experts in Brampton. A rock chip repair is way more economic friendly and saves a lot of your time compared to getting your whole windshield replaced because you put off the repair for too long.

How to deal with Cold and Warm Temperature

Temperature changes can also cause a lot of stress in your windshield. The cold air from the outside meeting with the hot air inside can put a lot of stress on auto glass. It is recommended to replace your windshield immediately, but for some reasons you aren’t able to do so, here are a few easy methods that you can help your windshield from suffering from any additional stress. Firstly, do not turn on your car’s heater immediately after entering the vehicle and also try your best to find a more temperature-controlled parking space, such as indoor parking if available.

If you have any problems with your auto glass, get it repaired right away before it’s too late. Call Auto Glass Wizard at (905) 891-1414 to get your windshield repaired in Brampton in just a swift second!

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Road Hazards to Watch Out for this Fall & How to Avoid Damage

Windshield hazards often cannot be stopped but there are things you can do in order to prevent it from happening. From the flaming heat in summer to the debris on the roads in the winter, there are many threats existing that can harm your vehicle. The risks during the fall season may be a little different than the rest of the year but it can harm your car just as much. Depending on the damage they cause, you might have to bring your car in for an auto glass replacement in Mississauga. Here’s what you should look out for when driving, and see how replacing your windshield ultimately keeps you safe:

Acorns and Nuts

You may think that acorns and nuts are something you shouldn’t be worried about, but they can definitely cause some serious damage. If a larger nut hits your windshield, it may be able to cause a crack on the windshield, presenting the need for an auto glass replacement, especially if the crack lands along your line of sight.

They can also happen to fall on your car when you drive underneath trees. The increased speed of your vehicle including impact of the nut can cause a greater damage on your car’s auto glass. Ways to avoid this from happening can be parking in an indoor parking lot and be careful when you are driving under trees. Having a better awareness of what is going around you can keep unnecessary accidents from happening.

Rocks and Debris

Rocks and debris that come flying at drivers’ windshields are common throughout the year, but they’re even more common during the fall season. If a small rock or some debris land on your windshield while driving, these can cause chips and cracks which need to be repaired.

Also, during this season people tend to carry fallen branches, rocks, leaves, and other debris in the backs of trucks to dispose of during their fall cleanups. They often fly out of the vehicle without the driver even noticing and having these fall on your windshield could often damage your vehicle severely, often requiring an auto glass replacement.

This can be avoided by leaving a safe amount of distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. Cleaning roadside garbage is also another way to limit these roadside threats from happening.

Extreme Temperature Changes  

With the fall comes the drop in temperature, which can also affect your car’s auto glass, especially if it already has an existing crack.

Fall temperatures often range from cool to warm weather that changes throughout the day. Expansions and contraction occurring can cause it to worsen the condition of the crack. The best and quickest solution is to get your auto glass replaced right away before the damage grows. This can save your valuable time, money and any unnecessary hassle.

Taking these safety measures can ensure the safety of you and your car. Sometimes having an auto replacement is the most effective way of solving your problems.

Wizard Auto Glass in Mississauga can provide the solutions to all the possible damages your car may sustain this season. Call us at (905) 891-1414 to learn more and book your auto glass replacement now!

4 Facts You Need to Know About Windshield Repair


A damaged windshield is dangerous for multiple reasons. It can impair the driver’s vision, and can endanger everyone in the car during an accident. The windshield can take up to 60% of the car’s weight in the event of a rollover, and a crack or chip can easily compromise the windshield’s structural integrity. When you notice damage on your windshield, call Wizard Auto Glass in Oakville. With the help of our expert mobile windshield repair experts, you can be safely back on the road quickly. Below are 4 important windshield repair facts you need to know.

Different Types of Damage

It’s important to understand exactly how your windshield is damaged. Try to find out exactly what kind of service you require, so you can avoid being charged for services you don’t need by unreliable windshield repair shops in Oakville. By examining your windshield and doing some research, you can determine if you have a chip, crack, or a pit, and whether you need a simple repair or a full replacement.

Safety is Paramount

Your windshield is an important safety feature in your car. It keeps you and your passengers safe in case of an accident, so it’s important to repair or replace it with skill and expertise and high quality material. Wizard Auto Glass in Oakville can send its windshield experts and high quality materials to you, wherever you are, with its mobile services, so you can get back on the road quickly.

Trust the Experts

Repairing or replacing your auto glass without the proper equipment, and experience, can be dangerous. As experts in the Oakville area, we’ve seen first hand the damage that an untrained hand can do to a windshield, often leading to a much higher cost than if the work had been done by experts to begin with. It can seem cost effective to attempt windshield repair on your own, but it’s bound to cost you more in the end. Trust the experts at Wizard Auto Glass to get your windshield back in top condition, and give you peace of mind.

Use High Quality Materials

Repairing a windshield involves using a urethane adhesive to seal damage, making chips and cracks virtually invisible and preventing them from spreading. The higher the quality of the adhesive, the more successful the repair. The best adhesives available in Oakville might cost more, but they are certified to meet crash test criteria, and often dry much more quickly. Less reputable auto glass repair shops may use cheaper adhesives to increase profits, but at Wizard Auto Glass, we use only the highest quality materials.

Make sure to also use the best materials when getting a windshield replacement in Oakville. Wizard Auto Glass uses only the best aftermarket windshields for replacements, which are as good as, if not better than, manufacturer windshields, while costing less.

Get back out on the road safely and quickly with peace of mind, with windshield repair from Wizard Auto Glass. Call us at (905) 891-1414 to learn more, and book a mobile repair now!

How to Decide Between Windshield Repair & Replacement-

Driving a car with a broken windshield is dangerous, so call Wizard Auto Glass when you notice any damage, and our mobile windshield repair services can get yo you, wherever you are. Below, you can find three important deciding factors that can help you determine whether your Japanese car’s windshield needs repair, or replacement.


The size of the windshield’s damage is the first indicator of whether it needs repair or replacement in Oakville. A Japanese car’s chipped windshield can be easily repaired on the spot if the chip is smaller than a quarter. A crack can also be repaired on the spot easily if it’s shorter than 3 inches. Larger windshield chips and cracks can also be repaired, though perhaps not as simply. For example, a repair can be sufficient for cracks up to 14 inches long, depending on the location and depth of the windshield damage.

Chips, pits, bulls-eyes, and all forms of windshield damage have different size limits on repairability, also dependable on depth and location. With Wizard Auto Glass’s quick and efficient services in Oakville, your Japanese car can be safely back on the road with a windshield that looks better than new!


Windshield damage is always becoming easier to repair in Oakville, as technology improves. Repairability is, however highly dependant on the location of the damage on the windshield. In case of a rollover, the windshield takes on a huge amount of the car’s weight, and any damage that compromises its weight tolerance will require the whole windshield to be replaced, for obvious safety reasons. A windshield’s structural integrity is often compromised, and requires replacement, if the damage reaches the outer edges of the windshield. Your Japanese car’s windshield can be skillfully replaced by the experts at Wizard Auto Glass, to keep you and your passengers safe.

Another case in which replacement is required is when the damage is located in the driver’s line of site. Repair can leave a small area of distortion on the windshield, which can impair the driver’s ability see the road, so replacements are often recommended in these cases. Replacements may also be recommended if the damage is located in an area of the windshield which affects sensors that control features like lane departure warnings. Wizard Auto Glass in Oakville can get your windshield back in top condition, so you can drive with peace of mind.


Last but not least, depth is another deciding factor in determining whether your Japanese car’s windshield requires replacement or repair. A windshield is made up of a layer of plastic in between two layers of glass. When damage is deep enough to penetrate both layers of glass, replacement is required, whereas if the damage only penetrates the first glass layer, a repair is more likely to be recommended. Wizard Auto Glass can make sure your windshield is in perfect condition wherever you are, with quick mobile services.

Get peace of mind with a new or repaired windshield. Call Wizard Auto Glass at (905) 891-1414 and get back on the road safely with our quick and efficient mobile services.