Auto Glass - Protecting You is its Purpose

An essential and yet overlooked part of vehicles is auto glass. It is in your windshield, in your own windows and maybe even in your own home. Its function is simple, to protect your vehicle’s occupants from injury, noise pollution or dust particles. It comes in many varieties such as laminated, tinted, acoustic and bullet-proof, each with its own set of specific functions.

Sudden damage to your windshield is bothersome and annoying, especially if you are not near an auto glass shop. Certain companies offer their auto glass repair services 24/7 to meet your tight schedule and fix your problems. Financing your repair can also be done in multiple ways. Auto Glass Wizard is one of those auto glass shops that offers complete auto glass services, very quickly, professionally and at a great price. If you need auto glass repair services and would like to read more please click auto glass repair Mississauga, for replacement click on auto glass replacement Mississauga. Autoglass Wizard is located right at the border of Mississauga, minutes from Brampton. So if you live in Brampton we are conveniently located near you and we are more than happy to serve you.

Laminated glass is reinforced and can withstand the effects of a powerful crash or a rollover. One important feature of this glass is that two sheets of glass are laminated together with a vinyl sheet in between, holding the glass together to stop the scattering of pieces. This reduces the risk of injuries to your vehicle’s occupants. Tinted glass is especially useful in reducing glare and heat while protecting you from the rays of the sun. Tempered glass itself provided similar features but it is better at surviving quick temperature changes.

Acoustic glass significantly reduces the noise pollution caused by outside source or from your own vehicle’s wheels and engine. Bullet-proof glass is especially useful at resisting bullet shots as well as glass shrapnel.

In most cases, a chip or a crack can be easily fixed at a fraction of the cost to replace the entire windshield. This will maintain your windshield’s structure while keeping your factory seal. Respected companies usually offer a warranty on their services.

Any glass accessories are removed and replaced if need be. A special adhesive is used to install new glass into its place. The car is then vacuumed to eliminate any shards or dirt left over. Certified technicians ensure that the new glass will be up to par to federal safety rules. Autoglass Wizard, will take care of your auto glass needs so come on in for a quick fix. More information is available by going to auto glass repair and replacement Brampton

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